G is for God

I believe in God.

I also agree with the non-theists. As far as I can make out I don’t believe in the God that they don’t believe in.

That is, I don’t believe in (among other things): an old man sitting on a cloud; a Being who throws thunderbolts, causes earthquakes and hurricanes; created the world in seven days; does what humans demand in their prayers. I acknowledge that ‘God’ may be a construct of the human imagination, to me that does not make God less ‘real’ or less important.

I do believe in something: some force that is benevolent, purposeful, healing, loving, within and beyond us, with which we can choose to align ourselves, which we can allow to act through us.

Sitting in expectant waiting with others is one way that I can be more aware of this Presence, but mindful breathing or walking, alone or with others, and chanting with others, work just as well for me. Other people will find different methods that suit them. To me what seems vital is that we pause to listen, and that we respond in action.

I could write more – but I won’t. Silence and action will say more than words.


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