W is for Walking Mindfully

Walking mindfully in the garden with my camera


Irises, colour, form, bud pointing upward, yearning

bloom standing in glory, reaching upward, trailing petals

flower dying, folding inward, regenerating


Perfume, the scent of roses, almost before I see them,

later, the water, overflowing from the lake, the

aroma of yesterday’s rain


The sound of the coots, the fluffy cootlings,

reflections in the lake, the new reflection of

the garden lounge barely discernible


The slip of my feet on the slippery stones

near the lake, the feel of the ‘rabbit’s ears’

furry leaves of my childhood.

 be mindful

My father’s eyes, my grandfather’s fingertips,

the past? my past? my self? all inter-are


Woodbrooke HH72 12/6/2012 2.55pm

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