R is for Reflections

‘Enabler of True Reflections’

This is the ‘name’ I was offered at the end of a course with Thomas Swain ‘The Power and Authority of our Spiritual Gifts’ at Woodbrooke in September 2009. We had considered the question ‘what is your true name?’ as a way to identify our spiritual gifts.


So, if enabling true reflections is my gift, what does it mean?

As I understand it, it includes:

reflecting back to people what they say, in order that they hear/see clearly what they themselves are saying;

listening deeply to people which can enable them to hear themselves as well as be heard;

acting as a mirror that/who people can ‘bounce’ ideas off, without the input of my personal ideas;

facilitating small groups in such a way that people can perceive deeper truths in their lives.


Quite a responsibility. But something I have been doing increasingly over the years, learning all the time. Learning how to do this work better. And learning more about myself, my true inner self, and about what ‘God’ wants me to do with my life.

This is what I am doing with ‘Becoming Friends‘, with the study group in my meeting that has evolved into the ‘Spiritual Journeys’ group, and, sometimes, in other situations.


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