R is for Revelation

Moses EH


As a Quaker I believe in the possibility of continuing revelation.

That may sound a very dogmatic statement. It comes close to sounding like a creed. It is not the sort of statement we expect a Quaker to make.

But, inherently in the way we worship – coming together and waiting, expectantly, for the Spirit to move through one or more of our number – we are open to the possibility of further revelation of the ways of God.

We are also open to the possibility of revelations reaching us through all sorts of other routes, writings, the natural world, science.

autumn leaf

These revelations are, in my experience, most quite small, tiny steps towards a greater understanding. They may be for myself alone, for my meeting, for our Society as a whole. They may lead to greater understanding, or they may lead to some action, large or small. They are likely to be quite uncomfortable. But we need to remain open to them because otherwise we are closing ourselves off from that energy in the universe that I call God.

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