An Abecedarius

I went to Woodbrooke and I learnt about

Authority and Power, Apocalypse and Aftermath

the Bible – in a new light

Christianity – in the early days

Distinctives, Discovery and Deepening

the Evolving tradition, Experiencing the Spirit and Engaging with the world

Fox, George and Friends, early

the Gospel of Mark

the History of Holland House

Interfaith Initiatives


Knots in a length of string

Library stacks and how to move them, the turnings of the Labyrinth

Muslim women, Mindfulness and Mirroring

Names, and what mine might be

Opening to the Spirit

Peace activists and Being Peace


Rumi and Reed-beds, Red cabbage and maples


Talking over Tea

Understanding Islam

Volunteering – opportunities for

the Whole banana

some eXtraordinary things

Young Friends

Zen (in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn)


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